1.Do you ship to where I live ?
Yes ,handbagsmerchant.com services the World!

2.I want to order on the handbagsmerchant.com,but I am worried about unwanted e-mail spam.
There is no need to worry ,Your information will never be disclosed to third parties,and the only e-mails you will ever receive will be from us.

3.How can I track my order?
You will receive an order confirmation once your order has been received .In addition ,a shipping confirmation e-mail will be sent once your order has been shipped .This confirmation will include the tracking number for your package.

4.Are the products on your site authentic?
Yes ,we are proud of our quality and you will be too.All samples in our factories are the originals and the raw materials is super A grade .The product is nearly identical to the original.No one could spot any difference with the original.

5.How often are products updated on the site?
New item are added daily.Be sure to check back often for new designers and products.

6.Do you charge impost?
We dont charge impost , We dont carry duty on any damages or loss during shipping.

7.Can I order one as samples to check out the quality?
Yes,we accept sample order.

All items on handbagsmerchant.com are replicas, imitations, copies, fakes, duplications. They are not authentics or original.
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