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Perfect Designer Replica Handbags – Best Imitation Designer Knockoff Purses and High Quality Fake Bags Haul of 6,000 fake designer handbags found in shipping container in Hong Kong Customs officers in Hong Kong confiscated about 6,000 fake designer handbags and wallets hidden in a shipping container that arrived from mainland China destined for Chile, they announced on Friday.They searched the container after it arrived from Huangpu, Guangdong province, on Monday.
Budget supermarket Aldi today unveiled its Mother’s Day ranges, but there are certain products in the collection which may look really familar.

The range is made up of gift ideas including pyjamas, slippers, a hairdryer and even a afternoon tea set, but it is the retailer handreplica designer handbags and make-up replica designer handbags which have got our attention.

Its Ladies mini tote replica designer handbags look almost identical to ones sold by designer brand Celine – for much less of course.

Aldi’s bag comes a choice of three colours while Celine’s are available in a wider variety of options, however both replica designer handbags follow a similar design, with zips at the front, and light material on its side panels.However, there is one major difference between the replica designer handbags – the price – Aldi’s will set you back £14.99 while buying Celine’s can cost up to £3,850.Its make-up bag also appear to have been designed with high-end fashion in mind, as it’s black medium -sized one looked similar to one by Givenchy.Aldi’s make-up bag will set you back £9.99 while this designer bag costs £14.99.

Its Mother’s Day range also includes its Jo Malone replica candles, body creams and sprays.

Aldi’s Specialbuys Mother’s Day range is available in stores and online now. You can find your nearest store here.The photo shows six versions of Chloe’s popular handbag in different pastel colours. Officially, the designer suede and calfskin bag retails at £1,190. But on Candy’s Instagram, an identical-looking version complete with the embossed trademark logo is available for under a fifth of the price at $218 (£155).Candy – whose Instagram was active at the time of writing – is one of the thousands of sellers who use the social media app to sell designer fakes. She has 1,419 followers on Instagram, and is known as a ‘trusted seller’ on RepLadies – a Reddit forum for women who regularly buy ‘replicas’ online.

It’s not immediately obvious the items on her page are fakes, until you see she uses the #RepLadies hashtag, and sells £270 Gucci belts for $60 (£43).

Some of the fakes are also amazing. They look just like the real thing – no ‘Guci’ errors here – with authentic-looking labels. While some of the more expensive replicas are also made of good quality materials, so they still get the leather smell.

It is illegal to sell counterfeits, and Instagram removes the pages of anyone who tries to sell designer fakes on their posts. But people like Candy get around this by making new accounts as soon as their last one is closed down.Major counterfeit selling accounts can have thousands of followers. For example, one ‘luxury bag’ retailer has 16.5k followers who can buy knock-off Marc Jacobs, Dior and Gucci, while a China-based account – that is selling a £1,925 YSL clutch bag for $263 (£187) – has 5,706.

But others, like a US-based seller, an account that specialise in ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Chanel’ replica designer handbags, have less than 1,000 – typically because their last page was shut down and they’ve just started again.

Many of the sellers are based in the US, while others are in Russia or Asia (the countries where most of these counterfeits are made), but they all ship to the UK. One buyer said she got her £96 ‘Chanel’ purse delivered to the UK in six days after she found the seller on Instagram and transferred the money via PayPal.

“I am SO happy with my first ever [replica] experience!!” she wrote on Reddit, recommending the seller, who has 9,000 followers on her private Instagram.Sellers’ profiles all look the same. They have their phone numbers in their bios for WhatsApp or WeChat (a popular messaging service in China), and use language like ‘1:1’, ‘AAA’ or ‘mirror quality’ to signal that they’re selling top-quality fakes. They also tend to use hashtags like #replica (which is slightly less obvious than ‘fake’ or ‘counterfeit’), and brand hashtags like #Gucci and #Chanel.

But some sellers are bots – or automated accounts. These have been created by larger organisations who sell fakes on a widespread level. As there is less individual interaction with these bots, people on Instagram can sometimes end up accidentally buying fakes from them.

“There are many fakes bought accidentally on Instagram,” explains Sabrina Sadiq, who has authenticated 10,000 handreplica designer handbags in her time, and now runs website Luxury Promise. “It’s because many people don’t have the trained eye to spot fakes.” She has many clients who have previously been tricked into buying designer replica designer handbags, and then were left unable to return them.From a consumers point of view, it seems like a no-brainer to buy fakes. It might be illegal, but morally it’s a grey area – especially when you get a designer bag that looks and feels like the real deal, but cost just a fraction of the price. It’s even socially acceptable to carry fakes.

But, there are downsides. Some fakes can be made with flammable material that hasn’t passed safety checks, or toxic materials like lead. These concerns are particularly worrying when people are buying fake makeup or beauty products. But Sadiq also warns: “You could have bought a handbag from a child who has been trafficked away from its parents.”

So what can be done to get rid of the designer fakes online? Instagram said: “If someone believes their intellectual property is being infringed, we urge them to let us immediately know via our reporting tools so that the matter can be resolved.” The app also deleted a number of the accounts that Fabulous discovered for this article.But Stroppa thinks that isn’t enough – he thinks Instagram should work with designers. A suggestion he has is for designers to hire people to moderate the use of their hashtags. For example Gucci could have staff checking every use of #Gucci to see if it’s linked to a fake goods account. If they had a “real-time channel with Instagram”, the app could block and investigate them.

Some brands are already doing this alone. Christian Louboutin, whose famous red-soled shoes are prime fake targets, has set up a ‘Stop Fakes’ campaign where they monitor social media to find counterfeit sellers, and “take them down.”

It’s a good idea, but it still made a dent on the fake business – or its happy customers. On Candy’s Instagram page, she has screenshots from customers thanking her. “I love, love my items!” they say. “Thank you so much – I’ll be ordering more, for sure.”

And until these customers stop asking for more Chloe replica designer handbags and Chanel sliders, people like Candy will keep on selling them – no matter how many times their accounts are shut down.

During the inspection at the Customs Cargo Examination Compound in Tuen Mun, officers found 5,000 suspected counterfeit handbags and 1,000 suspected counterfeit wallets, according to the Customs and Excise Department. The haul had an estimated market value of HK$850,000 (US$110,000).

In Hong Kong importing or exporting any goods with a forged trademark carries a maximum penalty of a five-year jail term and a HK$500,000 fine.

In a separate incident on Thursday night, customs officers arrested four men aged between 31 and 59, seizing about 32,000 pirated DVDs and pornographic DVDs from four shops during an anti-piracy operation in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok.

Almost 100 suspected sex workers arrested in anti-vice crackdown
The haul had an estimated street value of HK$900,000.

“Customs has been carrying out stringent enforcement actions against the sales of infringing goods and will continue to step up patrols and enforcement actions against piracy activities during the Lunar New Year holidays,” a spokesman for the department said.Gucci Replica Makes a Case for Game of Thrones Style By Putting Baby Dragons on the Runway
If Gucci Replica has their way, the fashion flock will be trading in designer handbags and purses next season for accessories that might be more well-suited to the inhabitants of Westeros — at least, that’s the conclusion that we came to after seeing the looks that creative director and TIME 100 honoree Alessandro Michele sent down the runways of their Milan fashion show on Wednesday.

The Gucci Replica looks for next season lived up to Michele’s whimsical and colorful aesthetic, but what stole the show were the Game of Thrones–esque accessories that models carried as they strutted down the runway. Many of the models held severed head replicas of themselves in an eerie parallel to the Hall of Faces, and one model was charged with carrying a baby dragon that would have looked just as at home in the arms of noted fashion icon Daenerys Targaryen.

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